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Dear Sharon, Just a quick note to thank you for such a quality product. As an ambulance paramedic I have to work outside in all weather and at all times of the day and night. Four am, on a midwinter night can be bitterly cold, and keeping warm was at times difficult, short of wearing about five or six layers of clothing. Which in turn presents difficulties in enabling me free movement to get into and out of accident scenes without the encumbrance of these bulky clothes etc. But since my wife bought me one of your vests for work, I have been amazed at the degree of warmth provided in such a lightweight garment. In fact, whilst wearing your vest under my overalls, it is rare for me to need to wear my bulky ambulance-flying jacket. Thanks again for such a great product; I know that plenty of my work colleague’s are interested in getting them tor themselves.

Paul Jacobs Ambulance Paramedic
Paul & Yvette Jacobs, Meadow Heights, Victoria

Dear Sharon, I purchased a WoolDoza for my husband at Agfest recently. He likes it so much he wants one for our Gold Coast unit. Good luck with the venture, they are very comfortable and light to use.
Kind Regards,

P. Luscombe, Launceston – Tasmania

Dear Sharon, Thank you for posting my previous order so promptly. The large WoolDoza that I have kept for my family has become indispensable! One of my daughters curls up with it every morning, as she is the first in the house to wake. She loves to sit and watch the T.V. like a ‘bug in a rug’, until the rest of us get up!
Many Thanks!

Sharon, Mary deBavay, Blaxland East – NSW

Dear Sharon, I write to commend your WoolDoza product. Sadly my wife Bernadette is a very disabled lady and has to use a wheelchair, almost in the fashion of a bed. Blankets are adequate to keep her warm, but are a bit of a nuisance and need constant adjusting. Knowing this, my very astute sister saw and purchased an appropriate WoolDoza, hoping it would be suitable, at a recent lifestyle exhibition at Caulfield. IT IS, VERY MUCH SO. I am able to lower Bernadette via hoist into her wheelchair, place her feet into the pocket with ease, and tuck the WoolDoza neatly into place around her. She is perfectly cosy, it looks custom made for her and the chair, and everything stays in place and all’s well with the world. The zipper in the bottom allowed her Specialist to examine her feet without removing the WoolDoza, in our case a very big plus. So thank you for your inventiveness, and I am sure many disabled people (and many abled people) will say likewise.

Cheers, D V Burns, Mount Martha. Victoria

I’m writing to say thank you very much for making such a wonderful job of the wheelchair WoolDoza for me. It is wonderfully warm.

Melissa Claridge, Tasmania

Dear Sharon, The WoolDoza arrived safety yesterday – it looks great and should certainly brighten my great Aunt up through the Scottish winter.

Yours Sincerely, Jane Chin Hamilton. Victoria.

Thank you very much for the WoolDoza’s, I thought they were great but most importantly so did my son. I’ve often suggested to Bruce that he take a new rug to work but he’s always refused but now one of these is worn every day. Unfortunately their sheltered workshop is in a big barn of a place that is very cold but no matter what he wore his legs were always cold. He has pure wool socks, sheep skin boots etc. but nothing really helps. BUT the WoolDoza is the best so far. His legs are lovely and warm and if they aren’t busy Bruce slips his hands under it as well. We find the Velcro a great help. I must admit to “borrowing” one when I sit down in the afternoon to read or after Bruce goes to bed at night. They are so much warmer and less bulky than a rug.
Many, many thanks,

Margaret and Bruce Bender, Earlwood. – NSW

Dear Sharon,

Just a short note to thank you so much for not only a very prompt delivery of two WoolDoza’s but also the quality of each WoolDoza. Our two mums were delighted with such an original style gift and something they will both find many uses for. We hope you will be bothered by more orders from our family in the future.

Robyn McGrath and Phil Nicholson. Middle Park – Victoria